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LATEST VERSION (11.08.2023) FREEWARE bcTester software, recognizes various barcode types, even 2D barcodes Aztec, QR Code, PDF417 and Data Matrix (Please read the license agreement before using the software) 19.9 MB
PREVIOUS VERSION (09.07.2014) FREEWARE bcTester software, recognizes various barcode types, even 2D barcodes Aztec, QR Code, PDF417 and Data Matrix (Please read the license agreement before using the software) 19.9 MB
PREVIOUS VERSION (14.02.2012) FREEWARE bcTester software (Please read the license agreement before using the software) 12,6 MB
Download other Freeware Größe Link
FREEWARE qsWebCam Version 2.4 Use your web cam for barcode reading. bcWebCam Free Edition is a Freeware to read bar code data (EAN/UCC) and QR Codes (Quick Response) with a web cam. Just place the barcode in front of the web cam and bcWebcam reads the barcode data and inserts it into other programs. For more information please visit (Please read the license agreement before using the software) 3,5 MB

Free Evaluation Copies of the QS QualitySoft Programs

With these copies you can test the complete functionality of the progams. The downloads contain detailed documentation an samples. The results of the recognition are reported slightly falsified (e.g. 3 becomes 1).

Freeware Infos Link
QS-DocumentAssembler: Application: Barcode recognition in batch mode icon-DocumentAssembler-pink
QS-Barcode SDK: Barcode Recognition in your programs icon-QS-Barcode-SDK-500px

Please use the FREEWARE Edition of bcWebCam for evaluation of bcWebCam PRO1 and PRO2.

bcTester – Version History

Remark: bcTester was built using QS-Barcode SDK

11.08.20235.0.1.268Current QS-Barcode Library
Some resources for the text display were broken.
01.06.20235.0.1.266Current QS-Barcode Library
18.01.20235.0.1.265Current QS-Barcode Library
02.11.20225.0.1.263Current QS-Barcode Library
12.04.20225.0.1.262Current QS-Barcode Library
07.12.20215.0.1.260Current QS-Barcode Library
Support for new KBV form OEGD that is valid from 08/2021.
22.11.20215.0.1.259Current QS-Barcode Library
01.10.20215.0.1.258Support for new KBV forms Muster 6/10/10a/39 that are valid from 01.10.2021.
30.07.20215.0.1.257Current QS-Barcode Library
08.03.20215.0.1.256Current QS-Barcode Library
12.02.20215.0.1.254Current QS-Barcode Library
04.02.20215.0.1.252Current QS-Barcode Library
03.12.20205.0.1.251Support for the new KBV forms Muster 10Ca02/OEGDa03
Current QS-Barcode Library
22.10.20205.0.1.250Current QS-Barcode Library
02.10.20205.0.1.248Fixed a bug in the display of KBV Muster 10 version 12.
08.09.20205.0.1.247Current QS-Barcode Library
01.09.20205.0.1.246Current QS-Barcode Library
19.08.20205.0.1.245Current QS-Barcode Library
KBV-Barcode OEGDa02 added
11.08.20205.0.1.244Troubleshooting KBV Barcodes Muster 10C/OEGD
Changes to the KBV barcodes as of 01.10.2020
31.07.20205.0.1.243Current QS-Barcode Library
27.07.20205.0.1.242Current QS-Barcode Library
10.07.20205.0.1.241Support for new KBV forms
Current QS-Barcode Library
23.06.20205.0.1.240PDF rendering failed when embedded TrueType fonts incorrectly declare a table.
Incorrect check of the existing Visual C ++ runtime during setup.
Current QS-Barcode Library
28.05.20205.0.1.239Current QS-Barcode Library
bcTester can now be installed over an existing version and does not have to be uninstalled beforehand.
01.04.20205.0.0.236Support for the latest versions of KBV barcodes.
26.08.20195.0.0.235Current QS-Barcode Library
Support for the latest versions of KBV barcodes.
08.04.20195.0.0.234Current QS-Barcode Library
Support for the latest versions of KBV barcodes.
Current QS-Barcode Library
19.04.20185.0.0.231Current QS-Barcode Library
12.03.20185.0.0.229Current QS-Barcode Library
29.01.20185.0.0.228Current QS-Barcode Library
01.12.20175.0.0.226Current QS-Barcode Library
07.08.20175.0.0.224Current QS-Barcode Library
19.07.20175.0.0.223Current QS-Barcode Library
02.06.20175.0.0.222Current QS-Barcode Library
27.03.20175.0.0.221Extended HEX output of 2D barcodes.
23.01.20175.0.0.220Fixed an error in the help file.
Current QS-Barcode Library
19.12.20165.0.0.219GS1 fields updated
In the English version the settings dialog could not be opened any more
07.09.20165.0.0.218Current QS-Barcode Library
22.08.20165.0.0.215Current QS-Barcode Library
02.06.20165.0.0.213Current QS-Barcode Library
25.05.20165.0.0.212Current QS-Barcode Library
20.05.20165.0.0.211Current QS-Barcode Library
12.02.20165.0.0.210Current QS-Barcode Library
03.02.20165.0.0.209Current QS-Barcode Library
Support of the latest versions of the PDF417 barcodes of the KBV by the 01.01.2016.
24.11.20155.0.0.206Current QS-Barcode Library
11.11.20155.0.0.203Current QS-Barcode Library
10.11.20155.0.0.202Current QS-Barcode Library
10.09.20155.0.0.200Current QS-Barcode Library
10.09.20155.0.0.199Current QS-Barcode Library
24.08.20155.0.0.198Current QS-Barcode Library
15.07.20155.0.0.196Current QS-Barcode Library
09.07.20155.0.0.195Current QS-Barcode Library
06.07.20155.0.0.194Current QS-Barcode Library
25.06.20155.0.0.193Current QS-Barcode Library
16.06.20155.0.0.192Current QS-Barcode Library
20.05.20155.0.0.191Current QS-Barcode Library
19.05.20155.0.0.190Current QS-Barcode Library
15.05.20155.0.0.188Current QS-Barcode Library
04.05.20155.0.0.187Current QS-Barcode Library
bcTester starts now in Windows XP again
Version number is updated in the English version
30.04.20155.0.0.186Current QS-Barcode Library
09.07.20144.9.2.166Current QS-Barcode Library

Support for new KBV
forms 6/10/10a/39 that are valid from 01.10.2014.
26.06.20144.9.2.164Current QS-Barcode Library
12.06.20144.9.2.163Current QS-Barcode Library
28.05.20144.9.2.161Current QS-Barcode Library
21.05.20144.9.2.160Current QS-Barcode Library
20.05.20144.9.2.159Current QS-Barcode Library
07.04.20144.9.2.154Current QS-Barcode Library
18.03.20144.9.2.153Current QS-Barcode Library
11.02.20144.9.2.151Current QS-Barcode Library
28.01.20144.9.2.149Current QS-Barcode Library
10.01.20144.9.2.147Current QS-Barcode Library
30.10.20134.9.2.143Current QS-Barcode Library
12.09.20134.9.2.142Current QS-Barcode Library
04.09.20134.9.2.141Current QS-Barcode Library
22.08.20134.9.2.140Current QS-Barcode Library
Escape character corrected for EAN 128
19.06.20134.9.2.139Current QS-Barcode Library
05.06.20134.9.2.138Current QS-Barcode Library
14.05.20134.9.2.135Current QS-Barcode Library
02.05.20134.9.2.134Current QS-Barcode Library
29.04.20134.9.2.133Current QS-Barcode Library
16.04.20134.9.2.132Current QS-Barcode Library
05.04.20134.9.1.131Current QS-Barcode Library
25.03.20134.9.1.130Current QS-Barcode Library
21.03.20134.9.1.129Current QS-Barcode Library
13.03.20134.9.1.128Current QS-Barcode Library
21.02.20134.9.1.127Current QS-Barcode Library
04.02.20134.9.1.126Current QS-Barcode Library
21.01.20134.9.1.125Current QS-Barcode Library
04.12.20124.9.1.123Current QS-Barcode Library
12.11.20124.9.1.122Current QS-Barcode Library
19.10.20124.9.1.121Current QS-Barcode Library
Support for the new functions from the QS-Barcode Library
Dynamic threshold
Advanced search for linear barcodes
09.07.20124.9.0.116Current QS-Barcode Library
23.05.20124.9.0.113Current QS-Barcode Library
10.05.20124.9.0.112Current QS-Barcode Library
07.05.20124.9.0.111Current QS-Barcode Library
04.04.20124.9.0.107Current QS-Barcode Library
29.03.20124.9.0.106Current QS-Barcode Library
02.03.20124.9.0.104Correction in support for the new KBV “Muster 10” requisition slipSome PDF documents have been inverted
17.02.20124.9.0.103Current QS-Barcode Library
14.02.20124.8.2.92Current QS-Barcode Library
10.01.20124.8.2.90Current QS-Barcode Library
Support for the new KBV “Muster 10” requisition slip 
11.11.20114.8.2.88Current QS-Barcode Library
21.06.20114.8.2.80Current QS-Barcode Library
16.06.20114.8.2.79Current QS-Barcode Library
14.06.20114.8.2.78Current QS-Barcode Library
31.05.20114.8.2.77Current QS-Barcode Library
12.05.20114.8.1.57Bug fixing Frankierart 28 Deutsche Post DM Code
23.03.20114.8.1.55Support for PDF 1.8 files
Show result string in Unicode format
Support for “Frankierart 28” in Data Matrix barcodes by “Deutsche Post”
12.04.20104.8.0.41Bug fixing QS-Barcode SDK
27.07.20094.8.0.1PostNet Codes (BETA) and DataMatrix improvements
15.07.20094.8.0.0New: 2-state and 4-state PostNet Codes (BETA)
Fixed: Setup problem with C++ Redistributalbes solved
23.04.20094.7.1.0DataMatrix Intensive Search added as an option
07.04.20094.7.0.2Improved setup routine
GS1 DataBar (POS) barcode family reaches stable release state
25.02.20094.7.0.0Rebuild with VisualStudio 2008, installation routine, various small improvements and bug fixes
14.05.20084.6.0.5GS1 DataBar (POS), Beta Version, next version
22.04.20084.6.0.1bcTester reads GS1 DataBar (POS), Beta Version
11.01.20084.5.0.1Internal Redesign
03.12.20074.4.0.1Reads Aztec Code, release
01.11.20074.4.0.1Reads Aztec Code, beta
11.04.20074.3.0.1Reads QR Code
03.01.20074.2.0.2Small improvements
04.12.20064.2.0.1Adobe PDF documents now supported
20.11.20064.1.1.3Extended hex result reporting for 2D barcodes
22.05.20064.1.0.1Now with recognition engine QS-Barcode 3.7
28.02.20064.0.6.4Various improvements of the recognition
15.08.20054.0.6.1Interpretation of the contents of some “Standard Data Formats” in the results as IPI, KBV, EAN
05.01.20054.0.6.0New Features
quick recognition functions, image view with zoom functions
15.12.20044.0.5.0New Features
MultiTiff files now supported
25.07.20044.0.0.0first release as freeware
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